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Engagment thanks to video mobile

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Increased investment in ads in video format for mobiles


The marketing agencies are betting more and more on the advertising of the video type since it manages to increase the notoriety of the brand and improve its engagement.

According to eMarketer the most notorious benefits Using this type of advertising is that the response from customers is much faster and facilitates interaction much more than other types of advertising.

It is estimated that in 2019 the ads in video format will represent 47.7% </ strong> of the advertising total.

We know that the Smartphone has transformed our life in a transversal way. Not only to communicate but it has facilitated our way of buying and also our way of entertaining ourselves.

According to eMarketer two thirds of North Americans They use their mobile devices and tablets to watch TV shows or movies. Of all of them, 24% did it daily.

The trends of the new generations is to consume more and more videos and more online content, so the future of this format is assured.

The programmatic purchase is the main responsible for this increase.

In Reason Why are clear that quality interaction with the user is key to becoming a follower of the brand.

Through the programmatic purchase, new clients can be achieved, generate new interest and measure the results of the campaign.

Google explains the three aspects that best define the consumer:

· Interest: by optimizing the relevance of the ads, we are able to convert consumers into “followers” of the brand.

· Interaction: consumers now prefer online experiences and active interaction much earlier. They have the decision of when, where and how they want to interact. </ strong>

· Connectivity: the user is much more connected than before. The increase in mobile sales allows a permanent connectivity </ strong> e to be established. </ strong> Even the appearance of smartwatches opens a new type of interaction for attractive experiences for the consumer.

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