How to create the perfect Pre-Roll Video?

First of all, we have to explain what the Pre-Roll Videos are.
Surely you are familiar with this situation: select a video to be seen on YouTube and before it starts there is an announcement of normally 15 -30 seconds that you can remove after a few seconds. This is the Pre-Roll Video.

This type of advertisement can be very useful as a marketing strategy because thanks to segmented Google / YouTube advertising your ad will only be shown to potential clients (who have shown interest in your subject or your sector).

For your configuration you must enter Google AdWords and there create the perfect campaign.

The essential and most important are the first 5 seconds of the video!

The beginning of the Pre-Roll Video

The user chooses if he wants to watch the whole video or press “Skip” when viewing the first images, so it is important to create a very powerful start to capture the attention of the viewer.

An example of good techniques is just to surprise you with a proposal like EAT.

In this case more than 91% of the viewers saw the entire advertisement getting 75% more downloads and a CTR of 7.1%.

Use humor


In this case a dog and a threat (clear false) were used to try to get attention.

Be creative

You only have a 30-second chance to surprise. The easy thing for many brands is to take their explanatory video of 2 minutes and shorten it to the necessary duration.

The ideal is to create a Pre-Roll Video is to understand that you have to be creative in this short space of time and Burger King in his campaign “Anti pre Roll” did it in a sublime way.

They created 64 Pre-Rolls Videos that were based on what the user wanted to see getting empathized with them and achieve their smile.

Create a Landing Page according to your Pre-Roll Video

If you do your work well you must create a web page that will be personalized to finish showing your message. Create a CTA (Call to Action) for the user to visit this secure Landing Page that will help the conversion. If you send them to the Home Page, perhaps the user feels a bit lost.

Set up your taget


Thanks to the advanced configurations we can select what kind of spectator we want our pre roll video to see:

· Geography: select the country where we want it to be seen.

· Language: if we want it to be seen by users who have a specific language configured in the browser.

· Demographic: age, sex and information of the possible client.

· Theme: we can select only appear when the theme is fine-tuned.

· Interests: if your viewer likes sports, technology, animals …

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