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Video Marketing strategies

What good is a video if nobody looks at it, a website without visits and social networks without followers?

50% of internet users search for videos related to a product or service before going to the store


73% of B2B businesses say that video has a positive impact on ROI


An average of 88% of users spend more time on webpages with videos

Video Marketing y Planificacion

The power of video is very important for your business. 90% of the information your brain receives is visual.

Retention in the public is very important. At a time when we are saturated with information, getting the attention, retention and memory of our public is essential for our marketing strategy.

At MGVA we develop the video marketing strategy designed especially for your company.

Información a tu cerebro

01. Analyze your company


02. Video Marketing strategy creation


03. Activation of the Plan



Our process

It works well to go step by step

1. Listen to your idea

We meet online via Skype or in a meeting in person

2. Analysis

We study the sector of your company, the potential customers and the future of your producto

3. Creation of Video Marketing Plan

We wrote down the ideas and timmings for the Plan

4. Proposal and approval

Meeting with the client to show the ideas.

5. Desarrollo y Aplicación

Lanzamiento de las técnicas de vídeo marketing y seguimiento 

6. Improvement and future proposal

Analysis of the results and temporary plan 


Online video with plans to CPM, CPV and programmatic purchase

New formats

Prerroll and Intext


Measurement MOAT and IAS


Improve the inview of your videos

Our weapons

We use them to achieve our goals







Social Media

Viwo Mail

Viwo Mail

Video Newsletter

Envato Elements

Envato Elements

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Frequented Questions

Best answers to your questions

What is the best plan for a Startup?

Each startup needs a different plan but the ideal is a Plan that includes the creation of the entire online presence of the company and also create a content strategy with high value. The base can be video capsules explaining the operation and purpose of each action that makes the Startup.

Can I change the Plan whenever I want?

Yes, the Plan may vary according to your needs, usually clients start with the initial Plan and as the company grows they also increase the plan.

What is needed to make the plan?

Have an idea of ​​what you want to explain. We help you with our techniques, tools and “know how”.

The use of the word "video" in E-Mails matters increases the opening rate by 19%

Íñigo Vega de SeoaneCEO

Only 30% of Spanish companies have a content plan that serves the digital ecosystem

Marketing DirectoPortal Marketing

Video in Landing Page increases conversions by 80%

Reason WhyRevista Digital de Marketing



Corporate analysis

Competition analysis

SEO report

Quarterly strategy proposal




Corporate Analysis

Competition Analysis

SEO report

Quarterly Video Marketing Strategy

1 2D Animated Video (1 minute)





Corporate Analysis

Competition Analysis

Report + SEO Positioning

Quarterly Video Marketing Strategy

2 Animated 2D Video (1 minute)


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