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Explainer videos

Production of videos for companies

Corporate Digital Animation

Our services

Video types

2D Animation

Low Poly


3D Animation

Our process

It works well to go step by step

1. Listen to your idea

Online meeting or in person and we talk about your project

2. References

Audiovisual works that you like for their style, format and result

3. Brainstorming

Anotamos las ideas y el mensaje que el video quiere transmitir

4. Proposal

Mood Board & Storyboard

5. Development

Production of the audiovisual piece

6. Delivery

Publication & Launching

Explain your story with a video

different, dynamic and professional

The explanatory video allows you to tell a story in a different format and where there is no real recording but the whole plot is developed through the animation of characters, scenarios and texts in movement.

The graphic animation or animation videos allow to capture in a much more dynamic and powerful way the attention of the spectator since it is a nice and entertaining format.

The final work must be based on creativity to differentiate itself from the competition and get the attention of more potential buyers and the loyalty of its customers who see the message reinforced.

2D or 3D Animation

Easy to understand and 100% customizable

1- Problem: We can start with a story where the character has the same problem as the audience so they will have the same emotions as the protagonist and want to know how he has solved it.

2.- Solution: Propose a solution to the problem with your product-service. Explaining how it came about or where the idea comes from helps the audience understand that you have found the solution.

3.- How it works: It is the fundamental part. Explain the operation of your product-service and above all the advantages it has regarding the competition.

4.- Conclusion: Wrap everything up. Reiterate that you have solved the problem and offers a call to action (visit the web, go directly to the application, a subscription, a purchase …)

Our team

Specialists in each stage



Project Manager




Ilustradora MGVA








Voz en off


Sound Design

Our weapons

Software for creation, editing and postproduction

Adobe Premiere


After Effects

Motion Graphics 2D

Cinema 4D

Motion Graphics 3D

3ds Max

3ds Max

Motion Graphics 3D

Da Vinci

Post Production



Sound Design

Frequent questions

Answers to your doubts

How long does it take to make an explanatory video?

Normally the production of a video of 1 minute duration is usually a process of 3-4 weeks once the script has been approved.

How much it cost an explanatory video?

It depends on the briefing, style, duration, delivery date, voice-over, if it is a campaign with several capsules, etc … the ideal is to first see all the key points and thus a custom budget is made.

What do you need to make a video?

Have an idea of ​​what you want to explain. We help you to turn your idea into a script, hence a storyboard, an animation and finally the video with all the animation and Sound Design.

What if nobody sees it later?

We will use our videomarketing techniques and our knowledge of SEO so that your video reaches the maximum number of people.

Can I modify the video once it is finished?

The video is a dynamic project, you can modify it, add information, shorten it, change the language and even add characters and scenes.

Our clients

The brave ones who have trusted us

Our last projects

Done with lots of love and dedication

Emmy Wall 1:49

Vídeo Explicativo para explicar el nuevo sistema de muebles modulares en cartón estructural.

Allergy Therapeutics 2:30

Vídeo Animado explicado el proceso de aplicar la nueva vacuna

Video Tutorial 1:14

Vídeo explicativo en 2D explicando el proceso de como se crea un vídeo explicativo en 2D 😉

Our inspiring phrases

Inspiration and example

The smaller action is better than the larger intention

Jiddu Krishnamurti

All the contents must be excellent, which cause others to want to share them


Think, Dream, Believe and Dare

Walt Disney

Write things worth reading, or do things worthy of writing

Benjamin Franklin

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