What is New Media Art?

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There is much talk lately about New Media Art so now in MGVA we want to explain in detail what is this new movement that has emerged recently.

New Media Art Work

Its defination in English would be works created or that incorporate the use of new technologies such as is defined in Wikipedia. These new technologies can be applied in various fields such as video art, interactive multimedia installations, interactive art, digital photo montage, virtual reality, artificial intelligence … there are several options where we can enjoy the New Media Art, a world that is revolutionizing how we interact and communicate with the people around us but also with people who are connected to the network.

Its origins date from the 90s around the possibilities that gave digital processes generated by the first moderately powerful computers and Internet expansion that allowed find many options to learn, assimilate, copy and reproduce digital concepts of authors from all parts of the world.

New digital tools provide a work or a installation a point of differentiation and attraction to the public who are not familiar in this kind of visual surprises. This point of novelty is what has led many brands and companies around the world interested in the New Media Art to publicize their product-services.

Lets see some examples of New Media Art:

The Inheritance: in this case various elements as dance, 3D printing, motion capture in real time, stereografica 3D projection and interactive 3D image mix.


In this performance there are some stories that come from the Director about the division that existed between Taiwan and China 40 years ago.

By using this type of interactive video mapping the director wanted to explain the problems and differences between the two countries due to such detention. The video is really spectacular:

Another type of New Media Art getting really popular is virtual reality, also known under the name of VR Art. Their emergence is a contribution between artists and scientists who saw that the user could replace the real reality by a fictional environment that was generated entirely by computer. The user is immersed in a 3D graphical simulation where you can navigate and interact with the elements and spaces in real time with a subjective perspective (as if we saw with our own eyes). The popularization of the Oculus Rift (company owned by Facebook) but most of Google Cardboard (with a much reduced price) has made that everywone for little money can have a virtual reality device and with a Smartphone can get into this incredible, dramatic and also vertiginous world.

Its applications are numerous and each day a new application that uses this type of New Media Art arises even have websites where you can be aware of any novelty, an example is the VR Times. This site specializes in virtual reality are ideal fo know new creating art virtual applications as the Tilt Brush. This application opens a lot of possibilities to the process of creating content (artwork, drawings, graffiti … etc) without having to buy any painting or when the dimensions of a wall are the limits to express themselves. In this application as their creators say the “imagination is the limit.”

Glen Keane – Step into the Page from Future Of StoryTelling on Vimeo.

Also this type of Fine Arts can have a much more focused on helping people who have health problems or are in the period of rehabilitation application. As we saw in the Elements project it is a work of interactive art developed to help the rehabilitation movement of patients recovering from a traumatic brain injury.


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