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Advantages of the explanatory video or animated video

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Ventajas Video Explicativo
Más economico
Compartir redes sociales
Mejora el SEO
Facil de comprender

What are the advantages of the explanatory video?

The advantages of explanatory video compared to other formats is that it is probably the best way to efficiently transmit our business idea. </strong> It is proven that e the video is one of the contents most demanded today because it is a pleasant, illustrative and direct format to get your message to the target audience.

The animation in 2D and 3D allows us to explain what our product-service is and what it is for in a minute. It can be done without hiring actors, cameras, makeup, lights ..

All sequences arise from the script that has been established between the animation studio and the client to tell the story briefly.

Without a doubt it is the best door to an introduction, presentation and demonstration of what we are offering and your CTA (Call to Action) should be that the client wants more information about what we are offering. That’s when we should look for an interaction in the form of a form, purchase, call, download, subscription …

Video is very useful when it comes to improving the time spent on a page </ strong> </ p>

88% of visitors spend more time on a website that has videos

68% of users share videos on the internet.

The audiovisual audience in this year 2018 is 1.5 billion users.

Why make an explanatory video? What are the advantages of the explanatory video? </ Strong> </ span> </ h2>
1.- Much cheaper than an advertising spot and also comes in a more direct and attractive to our target audience.

2.- Users share videos in social networks, websites and blogs much more easily.

3.- We can modify and update our explanatory video quickly and without having to spend a lot of money.

4.- 70% of users prefer information that comes with a video that only text.

5.- It will improve the SEO of your web page since the search engines prefer websites that have an embedded video.

6.- Simplify the introduction of your product-service since the attention capacity of an internet user is limited. It must produce an attractive and direct audiovisual content.

Where to post my explanatory video? </ span>

Above all we must incorporate our explanatory video in the Home </ em> or in the Landing Page </ em> of our Web </ strong>. You can also upload on the following platforms:

· Social Networks : on every corporate page of a social network an explanatory video can be presented in the “About” section.

· Video channels </ strong>: in Youtube , Vimeo and all the other channels is definitely a great idea to have your video. We must add a description, tags and a playlist so that it can appear in Google searches.

· Video Marketing </ strong>: the latest technologies allow you to embed a video in the newsletter. This way users who receive this type of email can play the audiovisual piece directly from their email manager .

· Television of Stands in Fairs and Congresses: One of the applications that has better results is its loop playback during a fair or a congress. In this way visitors will have a first impact of our business and can easily understand what we offer.

Finally, another of the advantages of the explanatory video is that it can be interactive. The user can interact and achieve an innovative and original effect.

How do you make an explanatory video?

In this video we explain the whole process of creating an explanatory video

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